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Moving Forward

I think today was a breakthrough day. The boys visit their mother every other week at her parents’ house not far from here. The simplest way to describe the relationship with her is that the court only allows her daytime supervised visits. Doc is young and gets along with her without a lot of baggage. Tio is older and has a different natural mother so his relationship with Debbie is mixed at best. Kit on the other hand is very attached to her. Problematically so, which I’ll get into at another time.

On their visit today, Tio called up for an early ride home because Debbie told him to leave. I guess he was giving her some serious sass and she said she didn’t want to see him anymore. In fact, she told both he and Kit to stay away from now on, that she would only take Doc on her visits.

I figured there was going to be hell to pay when I picked them up. Kit and Doc would be really upset that they had to go home early. Kit especially. Being so close to her he would be angry and frightened that she said she didn’t want to see him anymore, no matter whether she meant it or not.

To my surprise, everyone came home in a good mood. They were fine with leaving early and having supper at home, hanging out with us and leaving their mom to stew in her own juices. The tension there must have been thick and anxieties high but the relief of coming home to us seemed to release all that into the air.

It’s a real sign that they feel this is their real home and are comfortable here because it is their safe place to be.