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It’s late and the weather outside has cooled.The house is dark except for my PC and a blazing fire in the pellet stove. All is peace. I go to bed between 2 and 3 am every morning. It’s what passes for my normal. It suits me better than getting up with insomnia. I enjoy the serenity that comes of knowing that everyone is safe in bed and I can watch over them. I’m either writing or in my workshop chasing silver while an old movie grinds away on my TV. Some nights I’ll step out a couple of times to enjoy the stars and moon, feeling the sense of how quiet the whole town is. Business and school and industry of all stripes are breathing slow and even. No one is going to call up or need anything. There’s nowhere for me to go, no mail arriving, no campaign to wage. I am alone and for me that is the cake.

I’ll let the dogs out around two and crawl into bed with Tish on one side and Bunnie curled up with me on the other. Three hours later, Tish rises and gets the kids ready and off to school and the whole cycle begins again.

Sleep tight, world. There’s work to be done tomorrow but right now, we need the rest.