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Realigning Life to Match Reality

You get used to doing the groceries for a larger family. You do that anyway. Cleaning house? Same deal, just more so. Yelling and screaming around the house? I’m working on that one. But the one that still catches me in the jaw is the piss. Kit still wets the bed, Doc is in diapers. And our ancient dog, Zoe, is incontinent around the house. Nothing like a late midlife moment where you’re realigning your career, assessing retirement options not too far down the road, wondering about the accomplishments you still want to reach before you get much older, and you’re standing over the crapper with a handful of poop from a grateful 5 year old who never learned to wipe his bum.

Puts the new perspective right front and center. First accomplishment: save sanity by getting children a bit more independant.