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They Say Change Is Good

I’m not going to give you any backstory - you’ll pick it up as we go along. All you need know is my son got custody of his children, they moved in with us and it looks like they’re here to stay. We know they’re staying because we renovated our cellar into a 3 bedroom apartment. Who’s bright ass idea was that? Well, mine. See, they really didn’t have a choice, what with expenses so high and money so tight. So we’re one big (happy) extended family. The youngest, Doc, he’s 5, Kitten is 9, and the oldest, Tio, is 12. Actually, the oldest boy in the group is their dad, Buddy. He’s 33 going on 15, if you know what I mean. That makes 5 boys in the house and 1 woman, my wife, Tish. I asked her what she wanted to make that right. She didn’t hesitate. “My own bathroom.”

Welcome to Grampy’s Little Acre.