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All The World’s A Stage

I took Kit to an audition tonight. A local kids theater group is starting a new production of Alice in Wonderland and Kit has wanted to be a singer and on stage all his life. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been prepping him by reading lines from movie scripts I have and reading the book. The auditions were fun and the director was very nice. But Kit got a case of cold feet and decided he’d rather work backstage instead of acting. I know he’d love to be on stage so I’m hoping the director will be able to entice him into a small part during rehearsals.

It’s funny how kids are like that. Doc squirmed and couldn’t wait to get to a birthday party last week and as soon as we show up, he’s scared to death. Kit’s always excited about going places and meeting people but doing it is a whole different thing. Lots of kids are that way.

Kit is an individual to say the least. He thinks and feels and acts his own way and doesn’t really fit in with other boys. The theater crowd is full of people who like to think for themselves and don’t mind being different. That’s Kit all the way. Once he gets to know that, he’ll love it.

There’s always so much more to kids than meets the outside world’s eye when they’re at home being themselves and when it shines you sure want the world to see it.