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Doc Finally Tore the Envelope

I had to finally come down on Doc for swearing today. All the threats and even soap in his mouth didn’t do it. Mostly because I can’t get his older brothers to stop and he’s imitating them. He finally went one time too many over the line and I had no choice but to get serious. I sent him to bed without a story. Through silent tears, he put on his pull-up and brushed his teeth. We marched downstairs to bed as solemnly as a condemned man on his way to the gallows. There was no fight, no fuss, just quiet sniffs and face buried in his blankie.

I kissed him goodnight and left. We always have 3 stories at bed. I put on accents to read them and we giggle through it all. I like it as much as he does. So does Buddy on the nights he’s home.

Man, did I feel like a heel. I hope he learned his lesson because I sure did.