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Is Doogie Hauser in the House?

As a concerned G-dad, I’ve been going to meetings at the middle school to help solve some academic restructuring issues. It’s odd being among parents again all these years later. Was I ever that young with small kids? I seem to have reached an age where I can’t tell the difference between 15 and 30 anymore. They all look like teenagers. If you’re over 45, you know what I’m talking about. You ask a boy who looks like a high school senior what he’s studying and it turns out he’s a VP at the local bank. I used to think it was cute. Not so much anymore.

Recently, I sat in the exam room waiting to see a new doctor. A young woman in white coat, arm extended, and introduced herself as Doctor Pendleton. I practically had to rub my eyes. Just for that introduction she had to get through college, med school, an internship and start a practice. Now here she is giving me an exam and suggesting solutions for my problem.

I mean, where does a 16 year old find the time for all that?