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The Most Common Word in the English Language.

I always thought that ‘THE’ was the most used word in English with ‘E’ being the most common letter. I think I learned that from Scrabble or Sherlock Holmes. Turns out I was wrong. (And so was Holmes, for that matter!)

Trapped in the car with the three stooges on our way to Walmart it came to me in a flash. ‘Grampy’ is by far the most common word.

“Grampy, can I have....”
“Grampy, what time is it...”
“Grampy, I don’t understand this...”
“Grampy, I’m bored...”
“Grampy, what‘s for supper...”
“Grampy, he’s saying things...”

Some of you might think that perhaps ‘Mom’ or ‘Nana’ or some such gets far more use. Well...we’ll just have to differ on that.