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When You’re Full of Beans...

Last night we ate “alfredo au poulet maison” and “haricots au beurre faux et la muscade” (For the layman that’s homemade chicken alfredo and beans with margarine and nutmeg - but doesn’t it sound so tasty en francais?). The kids gobbled it up and I put it on the list for something to make again. After supper they wanted to raid their dad’s stash of peanut butter fudge swirl ice cream. Buddy has to put his name on it or it gets swallowed whole on the first day it lands in the freezer. Since he wasn’t home from work yet, we debated and in the end they each got a small bowl.

Kit brought his empty bowl over to the sink and said. “Mmmmm. I sure do love Dad’s cooking.”

“Me, too,” I replied.