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Am I That Out Of Touch?

Tio spent the afternoon at his girlfriend’s house. They went bowling and skating with a couple of other friends. He texted me around six asking if he could sleep over. I said no way and he sent a text asking me to call her mother to assure me it was okay. That caught me off guard and I’m not easily surprised. First, because why would this girl’s mother even consider it and second, wouldn’t the kids have any more sense than to ask?

Am I out of touch here? Did something profoundly change, in the past thirty years while I was all grown up, where adolescent boys and girls don’t need limits set with each other? Tish shook her head in disbelief at the idea and when Buddy came home and heard it his face contorted with complete incredulous surprise. So what kind of mother allows boys to stay over with their twelve year old daughters? Apparently, a girl friend of hers and her boyfriend were going to be there the night, too. So that makes three sets of parents that are okay with the idea.

Are we talking about complete parental ignorance, people who just don’t care, or parents who set absolutely no limits for their children? Or am I missing something else?