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Being Hard Isn’t Always Bad

I had a rough time with Kit over his homework last Tuesday. He tries hard, gets confused and really struggles with his frustration. I had to push him to pay attention and take some lip in return to keep him on target with math, spelling, and whatever else was on the books. Supper was quiet and we went back at it until we were both fed up with each other. By the time we closed the books I felt crappy for having to play the heavy. Tish got home from work and I got ready for a meeting at the middle school. Going out would give him some space to himself and I figured he’d be glad to see the back of me for the night.

But when I got to the door he called out plaintively, “Can I come with you? Will you be back in time to put me to bed?”
“Of course I will, Sweetie,” I said.

I guess we're doing something right.