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Boxing Day

What a day. Doc woke up with a headache and felt lousy all day. That's 4 sick in 3 days. I wonder who this fast moving little stomach bug will attack next. I spent hours trying to get our pellet stove unjammed - no luck. Buddy and I spent 6 solid hours cleaning out the garage so we can cram 4 cars into it before the snow flies. We were invited to a skating party but the garage took priority. After supper Doc finally threw up and felt much better. Tio and Kit are still recovering. Now a blizzard is settling in overnight to dump a foot of snow on our heads. I just hope my back holds up from all the lifting I did and shoveling I expect to do in the coming hours.

So begins school vacation week. We don't have any great plans for them but I guess snow will figure heavily into the mix. I'll be taking Kit to get a Christmas ear piercing, Tio got some gift certificates that he's itching to cash in, and Doc is still feeling all the holiday hubbub swirl around his head like a dream.

It should be a noisy, crazy week. Stay tuned.