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Does Bogey Count as Quality Time?

Tish has a few days off this week and we’ve actually found some time to spend together. It’s been hard with me not up until noon and her ready to crash by nine to find enough time between kids, dogs and work to just hang out for more than a half hour here and there. That just isn’t enough. We’re used to more. We need more. But the tornado that has become our lives seems to have left that in its ruinous wake more than anything else.

Spending time with your spouse or kids isn’t something you can do on a ‘quality’ schedule. The whole concept of quality time is vacuous. Being together is just that. It doesn’t matter that much what you do. You can’t pack a day’s worth of mindless adventures into an hour of peak performance and people who say you can are kidding themselves.

Since we haven’t had much time in months it took a couple of days of nodding off together, watching the tube, and talking about nothing to finally feel like we’re in the groove again. We still have another four days before we go back to our regularly scheduled programing we’ll soak up as much Tish time as we can over Christmas. A few weeks ago we started a Bogeython since I’ve built a great collection a lot of old movies over the years. Her fave is “The African Queen” and mine is either “To Have And Have Not” or “Beat the Devil”. We just finished them and are starting on Cary Grant.

Anytime we’re together is quality time because we’re together. Even curled up in front of Bogey & Bacall.