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When One Hand Doesn’t Know What The Other One Is Doing.

We’ve all searched endlessly for lost glasses and pencils we can’t find. Many of us discover the glasses are on our heads or the pencil in our pocket. I’ve hunted my desktop on tax prep day for my pencil only to realize through my mumbled cursing that the damn thing was between my teeth. Today, though, is a potential chart topper. I settled down on the sofa with my mug of coffee and some Licorice Allsorts (if you haven’t had them - scoot out to your store! Yummy). I was reading email on my laptop and reached for my coffee. It wasn’t there. I searched the table, the windowsill, the arm rest. Everything short of getting up.

“Tish! Did I leave my mug over there?”
Before she could answer, I laughed. “Never mind. It’s in my other hand.”
I could hear her admonishing voice all the way from the kitchen. “You see? This is why you need to take some time for yourself away from the kids. You’re going crazy.”

GOING crazy?