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Boys will be...

Doc has an infection on his toe today and really didn't want to go to the doctor to get medicine. Why? Because his brother Tio told him that the doctor was going to cut it off. Thanks, bro. We owe you for that.

Boys are really good at this. I was one of four brothers, I raised one son and now three grandsons. Boys like to make stuff up. My experience with girls is limited to one sister and a daughter and I didn't find then quite so bad but someone could correct that if they have better knowledge. It all seems part of the show-off psyche. Tio used to back up the most ridiculous stories with even worse evidence and I could imagine him swapping it for worse with his friends at school. My mom said my dad used to make up some serious howlers and she being gullible bought them all.

Last spring a boy from school told Kit that some strange man, a "six footer" by his description broke into the boy's house and told him at gunpoint that he better convince their third grade teacher that Kit was saying bad things about her on a facebook page or else the six footer would kill him. How elaborate is that for you? Kit believed it, of course. Who wouldn't at that age? It gave the kid a license to tell lies. It blew up in his face over the course of a couple of days but poor Kit was in a panic over something he had no part in,

When I was 9 my brother and best friend at the time told me he'd read an article in National Geographic about six foot inch worms in Africa that the natives could hear rumbling under their feet when they went by. I thought this was great and told it to my entire fifth grade class. Half way through I realized what a load of poop I was dishing and turned purple while my voice got drowned in laughter. The teacher's was the loudest.

I can't decide if this is control or ego thing. Are we trying to show that we are stronger by laying a sack of dirt at a friend's feet and expecting him to pick it up. Or maybe it's just control, knowing we can get them to believe whatever they say. Either way, we've got some wild stories coming our way.