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Doc Skating on Town Common
Every year our town floods the common to make a community ice skating rink. They have an ice hut with a wood stove and lots of skates for everyone to borrow. Most afternoons there's a cauldron of hot cocoa, too. It's all done by volunteers to make a great place to gather outside in winter. Of course, we are at the mercy of the weather.

I love to skate. It's the one place this Grampopotumus can feel the least bit graceful and lighter than air. Kind of like the hippos on Fantasia. I taught Tio and Kit how to skate 3 or 4 years ago and they aren't bad for the limited amount we've actually been on the ice.

I took the boys ice skating today for the first time this season. We strapped on our blades and drove into town but poor Doc had to stick to his feet. He really wanted to try a pair of skates out but I thought he should try sliding first. We'll start the falling down lessons next time. With a snowstorm on it's way, we'll have to wait for our next trip to the ice.

Finally, something we all like to do together!