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Does "Father Know Best"?

While tucking Kit in for the night, we talked about the team of teachers and specialists that are trying to help him get over this bump that's got him stuck in a learning/attention rut. He said something almost word for word that Tio had said to me a couple of months ago. When I told him that we wanted to include the thoughts and ideas of his therapist, he said, "Why do I need to keep going to counseling when I can talk to you?"
I explained it as I had to Tio, "You need an objective person to talk to about your problems. Someone who isn't part of the family."
"I'd still rather talk with you," he said, echoing what his big brother said.

While I'm glad that their trust in me is strong I feel it's important that they have an objective ear to listen to them. It would be one thing if we lived in single family with one household history. But these boys have a lot of deep issues to work through in a troubled world. I want their trust and to be part of the talk but I also really want them to have other outlets.

The problem I face is how to get them to confide in a counsellor on the same level they confide in me.