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Childhood firsts

Tonight was one of those nights that are part of childhood big moments. Like the first step, first word, first tooth, Doc read his first book at bedtime. A little ditty called "Chicken Goes Cluck" that we picked up at the library over the weekend. He struggled with some words got some help with others but worked his way through the whole thing by himself. I was so pleased and so was he. He jumped up and down and held his fist up like Rocky Balboa crowing "Yes!" with wide eyed wonder in his eyes like he couldn't believe it himself.

I got to be the one reading to both Tio and Kit when they broke this barrier, too, and it is a great moment. Theirs was "Go, Dog, Go" and I loved to see the same struggling concentration in their faces and voices to match their thoughts to the symbols to make words, to really understand what the page said, not just mimic or memorize what was read aloud. Like other firsts, it is a milestone. One that opens the world of literature and language to them and for a split second, they imagine anything is possible.

Today Chicken Cluck - tomorrow particle theory, Alice in Wonderland, and stereo instructions.