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Every Picture Tells A Story

Putting Kit to bed tonight, he was talking about arranging his things and making trinket holders and such. He pointed at a framed picture of his dad and mom on their wedding day that he had propped on the shelf and said he should probably put a ziggidy line between them.
I disagreed. "No, this picture represents a place in time. A time they were happy and meant well towards each other and the future. There was no knowing what would come later so you can't impose that on the picture. Besides," I added, "you were there that day. You were in this picture."
He perked up and looked closer. "Where?"
"Right there behind the flowers your mom is holding. It's your future they're planning and thinking about in this picture."
He smiled, understanding what I meant. "Look how well that turned out."
"Okay so they made a few mistakes along the way. But at that time, you can't blame them for trying."
"I guess not."
"Goodnight Sweetie," I said. "it's been a good day."
"Goodnight Grampy