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A Shark Tale

My sister, Katrina, just came back from her travels visiting Mayan ruins, listening to salsa by moonlight and swimming with dolphins. She brought 3 shark's tooth necklaces for each of the boys. On the drive back from the bus where I picked her up, I said she should tell the boys a story about how she got the teeth right from the shark and see if they believe it.

So this morning she got up and gave the gifts to the boys and told the story exactly as I had suggested. "I was wading a little deep off shore and a shark swam up. I was so scared that I whacked it over the head with my umbrella and knocked his teeth right out! Well he swam away and I collected the teeth and went to a local store where the guy put them on these leather strings." It was such a stupid story and the tags were still on the necklaces that I was sure that at least Tio would groan. But nobody did. So we left it standing.

Later on, Katrina told me that Tio had been texting his friends this fantastic adventure that his great aunt had and Kit was getting all hyped up about show and tell on Monday. So, she spilled the beans.

I might have let the shark run. I mean, imagine believing a 55 year old lady beating the teeth out of a shark with an umbrella.