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A wrong day off

School vacation started on Friday and the boys are spending a few days with their mom at her parent's house. So what did I do? I throw my back out yesterday and I'm laid up in bed. I was hoping to catch up on housekeeping, find a bit of time with my wife on her days off, and a bit of a break to catch up on my own work. I even started hammering an Egyptian folklore flute last night. Instead,.Tish is spending her precious day off cleaning house.

So I'm lying here with the dogs, who jump up at the slightest movement hoping we're going somewhere, watching an indefinable opera with teeny tiny subtitles on PBS (it's peasants vs. jackboots - I think the peasants are losing.), and swallowing cough syrup for this throat culture I've been cultivating for the past two weeks. (I don't need to travel to Jupiter to meet aliens, they're living in my larynx.)

Bloody hell's 8 hours later, I just woke up and the Oscars are on. I fell asleep at the iPad. There's s day I'm not going to get back thanks to extra strength bowl you over drool in your sleep cough syrup.

Time for a nap.