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The busy and unbusy of the weekend

It's late, the house is quiet and I'm wrapping things up myself. The boys are spending another overnight at their other grandparents (that makes 2 in as many weeks) and I feel the house strangely empty. It is nice to have them away, for them and us both, but it is so unusual that it feels odd. When they left this morning the older two were bickering, Tio with huffing impatience, in anticipation of a different set of rules and expectations. While Kit is quietly upset because his mom disappeared three weeks ago and still hasn't called or written or tried to contact him at all. He's afraid she's gone away for good and going to visit her parents without her there is a vivid reminder of that possibility.

A friend came to stay with us for the weekend and we spent the day going walking, watching movies, drinking a few beers and talking about important issues like 'are icebergs salty?' and 'how to market a gas powered snow globe'. All the while my mind was never far from the how the boys are doing and what the landscape of the coming week looks like for them.

We have two doctor appointments, two dentist visits, baseball tryouts, and a new guest coming after school every day. I'll talk about that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll get some sleep and unwind tomorrow with my wife and friend. Maybe we can come up with a cure for St. John's Wort.