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I have a headache

I took the two younger boys to their first dance at the elementary school tonight. Dance might be a generous term for this gaggle of a hundred or so K through 4th graders bounding around the gymnasium for 2 hours. More like a giant gym class in dim light with loud music with a the odd exercise thrown in here and there.

Some of the girls were dressed in colorful leotards and dresses, some had nice shoes and bows, and one boy even had a tie on but once they were out there running around, the dress up had little to do with the occasion. Parents sat around the edges watching the mosh while others joined during the 'limbo' and 'macarana' and the couple of other organized jumping routines. Doc spent the entire time running full bore red in the face flat out from one end of the gym to the other with his friends. While Kit, being so much older and more mature, did exactly the same thing. Kit added a bit of screaming into his mix and there was an inevitable scuffle with a couple of bullies. But all in all it went well.

I sat on the fringe alongside some other adults doing what most adults do in this situation: praying for an early and untimely death. I suppose if you'd dressed your little blossom up in a sequined dress or some ribbons and brought a video camera you might be hoping for a photo op to capture a precious moment or two. But the rest of us were hoping to die.

The boys came home well sated from a fun time and I was happy to have done it. Buddy asked if I had a good time. "No," I said. He gave me a queer look and smiled. "Well put."

Tio's dances are much the same except there's fresh hormones in the mix which makes all the difference in the world.