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I'm back

I'm finally recovering from all the minor ailments that wrestled me to the floor. It's strange how a bunch of little things can add up to one overwhelming thing. It's Wednesday and I haven't been out of the house since last Saturday and then only a quick run to the store. I don't mind staying home for days on end, I just hate being forced to because of illness.

Once the clouds have passed, I always feel renewed like I have a fresh start on everything, even the things that got left undone while I was out to lunch. I skipped a blog or two, I got behind on some silver work, I didn't keep up with what's going on with the kids, etc. but nobody suffered and I feel rebooted and ready to rumble. It takes a kind of focus I used to have in abundance and now, super-powered nonrealistic expeditious doofus that I am, I think I can do it again - at geezer speed.

Today Kit turned 10 years old, Congress is making the usual ass of itself, the Mideast is in turmoil, and I'm up late. I think I'll wax philosophic some other time.