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Sometimes parents have to make the tough calls

Kit and Doc had a kerfuffle today. It appeared Doc may have hidden Kit's treasure box. After sufficient grilling, the young Jedi knight continued to profess innocence against odds that he had probably hidden it. Buddy found the box. It might have been dropped, might have been stuffed there so the question remained whether Doc perpetrated a crime or was an innocent party accused of this heinous act.

Okay, so much for the drama. This stuff happens every day with kids. What was interesting was when I suggested to Buddy that he decide what to do about Doc lying. He couldn't do it. He straddled the fence, thinking that what he'd seen and heard from the boys could go either way. Maybe Doc did it or maybe it was all a misunderstanding. Finally, he went silent.

I said "well then no harm, no foul. Both boys need to learn to treat each other better." I had them shake hands and we moved on. After the boys went downstairs, I asked Buddy privately what he really thought. He still refused, or couldn't, make up his mind. It was a perfect study in indecision. He didn't want the responsibility of making a commitment, even in private that might cause a punishment. Both Tish and I were sure that Doc had hidden the thing, and I bet Buddy was too. He just wouldn't say it.

Sometimes parenting is about doling out bad news and tough calls, even if you're wrong.