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Aiming for the head and hitting your own heart

The state child welfare agency inspected us yesterday and found the allegations of "ear pulling, drug use, and throwing kids downstairs" completely unfounded. Big surprise. They also mentioned that the complaint included "diaper rash". Diaper rash? Really? The concerned caller was worried about spots on the bum being abuse and neglect?

The agent spoke with the kids separate from adults and asked if any of them would rather live somewhere else. Doc said "yes". Being 5, he'd been silent up to that point. "Where would you like to live, Honey?" she asked. "Florida," he said and that closed the book on this colossal waste of time perpetrated by an 'anonymous' call.

She said they knew who the caller was but couldn't share. Then she asked who we thought it might be. We gave her two likely names. I was leaning towards one over the other after hearing the diaper rash thing. "Why," she asked, "do you think they'd do this?" As an adult I can't understand why someone would make such a call to waste child services valuable time as well as making the kids extremely uptight with 'officials' showing up. They've seen a lot of that in their lives and it never turned out well before. But it fits with Debbie's family resorting to "calling the cops" as a last resort.

As a last resort to what, I can't say. Maybe they don't like my blogging honestly about our world (yup, they read it, too), or maybe they don't like that the kids are doing well. Maybe they just don't like us and that's enough. If all they are hoping to create is upset, they have accomplished that. Kit has been acting out so badly all week that he got suspended from school today and has to go through safety counseling before he can go back.

Whatever the reason, I reiterate what I've been saying for a couple of weeks. It's time to grow up and think of the kid's welfare first, and not your own grievances.