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And the hits just keep on coming.

Kit and Doc went to their other grandparents for the weekend. Tio stayed home. It seemed they had a good time. They visited with their aunt and uncle, stayed up late, and there wasn't a lot of tension. Debbie finally called and talked to Kit after six weeks of silence. There's still a lot to sort out but it seemed a good start. They came home in upbeat spirits and we were encouraged.

Then we learned today that an anonymous caller to the child welfare agency (obviously from Debbie or a member of her family) made preposterous false allegations about illegal drug use and "throwing the kids down the stairs", going on in our house. I asked Kit if he knew anything about it and he said he did mention the night that he slipped down some stairs after going up to pee in the middle of the night a few weeks ago but didn't know anything about the rest of it. We wondered if he'd made stuff up but he said he didn't and I believe him.

However, this fits Debbie and her sister to a tee. Even if Kit made some exaggerated claims, they know they aren't true. But that wouldn't stop them from making trouble. I'm not sure what they hope to accomplish. We were all in court barely four months ago and the judge ruled entirely against Debbie's petition for custody. Nothing has changed since then. The agency will make an inspection and determine just that. There is no evidence of drug use, violence, or any other form of neglect here. Why? Because there is no drug use, neglect, or violence here and simply by making the claim does not make it so.

So, what's the point? Is it simply to badger us and the kids? Or do they hope by crying 'wolf' often enough the boys will be turned over to them and life will be swell? The overriding question, as always, is where are the adults in this group and when will they step up and put the best interests of the boys first?