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Let the snow fly and the wind howl

Tricorn Acres in Winter
Here it is another late night, sitting on the sofa as the deep snow flies threatening yet another storm of biblical proportions and school closures across the state, listening to the dulcet tones of Miss Tess on YouTube and wondering what went on today of note. I had a rare dentist appointment where he decided the cavity was too small to fill and didn't charge me for the visit. One of Kit's best friends from his old school just moved into our town and that's got him psyched. Tish is still trying to shake a nasty cold that's been living in her throat since 1968. Tio liked my chicken casserole and I took Doc to Home Depot where we played Batman & Robin buying wood for the batcave. Buddy came home in a good mood which made the day complete.

I guess we can handle a bit more snow. At least Tish can stay home to shake off the bug.