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In sickness and in health

Spring housecleaning around here seems to mean everyone getting a stomach bug that runs through us like a howling wind. Buddy was tossing his guts out last week and Tish was bedridden for 4 days, Tio has a bit of ear ache, and I've been feeling the grumblings of my inner warthog. Kit and Doc have managed to stay clear so far and we can only cross our fingers that it stays that way.

The beast caught up with me today and whacked me over the head hard enough to knock me out. I'm never ready for an illness to keep me in bed sleeping for 20 straight hours. It happens to us all and regularly enough that we shouldn't be surprised. But I always am. It was my day off and I had plans to do a bunch of stuff. I didn't have the energy to even regret getting none of it done.

Here it is the middle of the night and I feel almost fully recovered and look back at the day as though it never happened at all. I suppose that's one of the safety features of the human condition: when we're healthy we rebound far enough that we don't feel the effects of our illnesses. Otherwise, we might live from one sickness to the next.