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Libraries are so much more than books

Me reading Dr. Seuss as Cat in Hat.
6 yr old Tio stands guard.
Today I’m going to brag about my town’s library. It’s a jewel staffed by great women and invaluable volunteers. I served 2 terms as a trustee and will probably sign up again when time allows. They don’t have a large budget and spin what the town gives them into gold in the hands of creative and hardworking people.

Doc at Lego club
 Among all the varied resources they offer, there are over 300 programs (at least the last year I counted them) offered to the public, many of which are for kids and teens. Book groups, toddler lap reading with parents, multi level crafts for adults and kids, Lego building, visiting authors, “wiggle worms and dirt pudding”, book binding, discussions, etc.. It’s always a busy place where everyone is welcome to visit and get involved, where kids can come after school, and housed at an historic Main Street home.
Gingerbread Building Workshop

Reading Buddies
We’ve taken the kids to many events right up to this week where the kindergarteners sit in pairs and read to each other as “reading buddies”. They get bussed straight from school. I’ve been taking all three boys there since they were infants. I taught Tio reading using their board games, Doc loves to pick out his own stories every week and Kit has taken origami and Asian sculpture at the attached arts center.

Thank you Richards Free Library.