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Reflecting on what it's all about

I've been blogging about our family and the grandkids every day for 7 months now and have touched on subjects from deeply psychological to plain amusing. After spending so much time shaking issues out of the trees, I'd like to stop and take a short breath to mention just how much I love my grandsons.

Here I am at the park watching little Doc while he winds up the swing for a spin ride. He got the chain wound tighter than the elastic band on a balsa airplane and just before lifting his feet off the ground, says, "Man, is this going to be sweet". All I can do is smile at the little hooptie and hope that he doesn't grow up too fast.

All three of these boys are wonderful people and will be wonderful men. They are strong, affectionate, smart, and look at life in their own unique sense of humor and perspective. Their strength will come from these things and serve them all their lives.

I love them like I love their father, like I love my wife, like I love wind and rain and sun and laughter. They bring joy to our lives and cheer to my heart. They are my friends, my passion, and our future.

We are blessed. We are loved. I never take that for granted.