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There's nothing like puppy breath

Puppy season is upon us again. Tish is hoping to breed one of our two bitches so we'll have a litter this summer. Maddie is in heat right now and Tish decided to hold off so that leaves Bunnie. I'm not sure who she'll have as the stud but we tried a tie with Bunnie a couple of years ago and it didn't take. Of course, it was only one tie so there was a high "hit or miss" factor.

I felt bad when she wasn't showing any sign of pregnancy... so to cheer Tish up I told her I got an ultrasound done and sent her this picture:
A strange brew
At the time she was a little close and didn't find it funny because Bunnie didn't get pregnant. It got better with age. I guess I should try to be a bit more sensitive this time around.

I hope she decides to do it. I think it would be nice to have Bunnie's litter this summer.