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Unfinished business - Circe's Daughter

My new book cover design

Writing this blog every day has taken some serious discipline. This summer, I need that discipline to get my novel finished. So, I've decided to take a summer break from blogging every day and use that energy to get this novel done. All three boys will be in summer day camp for 8 weeks which will free up every day to really hunker down to the keypad. It's a true sequel to my last book The Aquanauts, tentatively called Circe's Daughter, that is written for young adults and adults. (Let me know if you find the cover I designed intriguing.)

I'm so glad, dear readers, that you enjoy the trials and tribs here at Tricorn acres and I'm really happy to have you here leaving comments, checking in, and just quietly keeping tabs. The good news is, I'm not going to disappear. I'll write a weekly post and maybe some odd bits here and there in between to keep everyone informed on the doins' at our looney bin. I'll see if I can get Tio or Kit to guest blog, post some pictures, maybe some novel excerpts, flute videos, relate the odd funny bit of kiddie antic, and in no time at all (but actually 3 months) I'll be back full time when the boys start school. Both Kit and Tio will be starting new schools and Doc will be in grade one. That's three BIG changes in their world.

To stay in touch without having to click every day wondering if I posted, you can watch for my Facebook and Twitter links, create an RSS link, subscribe on Blogger to get updates, or - if you like - you can send me an email address and I'll be happy to notify you when I post. My email is 18k(at) (You have to replace the 'at' with '@' - this is to keep spam robots from finding me.)

It's been a long haul getting this book done. It'll either be a new genre of hard SF that takes the literary world by storm, or a pink slipped manuscript that sits in the reject file. Whatever happens, it's time to get it done so I can move on to other projects. 

Wish me luck. Have a great summer everyone. I'll see you next week.