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The winds of turmoil whistling under the door

Right now, the world is being kind to us. So far Kit seems more patient and a bit less frantic on his new meds. Tio’s reacquaintance with Marcia and Liz is going as well as can be expected and there’s a bit more work for the adults in the family - making things not quite so tight in the wallet. Everyone is healthy, I believe the school year will end on a good note for all three boys, both Tio and Kit will be starting a new school in the fall, and summer plans are in the making. There are always unknowables with all that is going on in a busy world such as ours, but things are on an even keel.

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, maybe it’s my nature to worry, but I wonder if this is calm before a storm. I hope not. It’s coming up on a year and a half that we’ve been together and we could all use a bit of Leave It To Beaver. The boys need a chance to breathe with all the crap flying at their heads. They deserve a shot at ordinary. So do we. It would be great if life could remain slow and steady for a few months to give us time to get the wind at our backs and used to life without turmoil before the next school year is upon us.

That’s never been the way in my life. So my finger is in the air testing the wind, looking for the calm route to chart.