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What do you do in your spare time?

I always thought that question was a joke - even when I was a teenager. "Lets see, I go to school or work then I practice the flute until I drop stopping for a meal, and some sleep. WHAT spare time?" Of course, everyone seemed to think that practicing music was 'spare'.

These days in my 'spare' time I make some jewelry and ornate flutes. I thought I might start sharing a bit of it with folk who don't know me from my facebook while I'm on my novel writing sabbatical this summer.

This is a graduation piece from a mother to her daughter. The ankh symbolizes "Life" and the inscription on the back is hieroglyph for "Caring". Thus "Caring for Life". Fitting for a girl graduating in mental health and social therapy. It's a charm to go on the Pandora bracelets.
Injured Brave
Choctaw Sun
These pictures come from a flute I have just finished that tells the Choctaw legend of THE WIND HORSE in silver.

I'll post the video where I tell the story and show the whole flute when I finish it
 We'll see what I do in my 'spare time' this week.

What do you do in your spare time?