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Summer's over - Let the games begin

Summer ended with a bang when Irene whipped up the New England coast with a vengence. As luck would have it the worst passed us by just to the west and all we got was heavy rain and some gusts. As luck would also have it the whirlwind that is our lives survived the summer as well with only a few scrapes, problems and bruised egos. I'm going to start blogging daily again today and rather than a long tiradish (is that even a word) recant about what went on (I already wrote a draft and bored myself to tears with), I'll mete out odds and sods in my regular posts. For today, I'll share this...
Doc turned 6 a couple of weeks ago and is wondering what it feels like to be 7. He's starting 1st grade and already worries about the burden called homework. The only 'homework' I had them do all summer was a 1/2 of reading every day and they moaned and itched and cut corners on that like I'd made them eat a plate of liver and spinach with breakfast. Kit and Doc seem to have become enemies, Kit bossing and Doc taunting. Gotta love brothers. Kit and Tio both had dental checkups and cleaning. Kit will need orthodontia, Tio won't. On the way home, Tio asked what's for lunch. Kit said, "future plaque". Tio is still working hard to make bad decisions but maybe someday he'll stumble on a good one and he'll get the idea. The other grandparents have moved from the next town to over 3 hours away on Cape Cod which seriously changes the extended family dynamic for the boys. So far the only repercussion is losing every other weekend off so now I don't get a break except on Wednesdays.

I told Buddy (yet another time) to start getting involved in the care and feeding of his children and he acted like it was all news to him. Tish is going to manage him because I'm starting to show my impatience with his willful ignorance and that'll only get worse.

Tish and I are still married, against all odds and statistics, and plan to remain happily so - despite the turmoil. We both have a few hours to oursleves today and when she gets back from shopping, we'll enjoy the beautiful blue sky and quiet until the school bus rolls up and we start the dance all over again.

See you tomorrow.