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Gimme a "C"!

Kit has taken another bold step towards self identification. He joined a cheerleading squad that will be practicing 2 afternoons a week and cheering for soccer and football games this fall. He's the only boy among about 15 girls, all grades 4-6. It's a bold move and I think it's terrific. He's going to get a lot from it from training and discipline, team cooperation, and peer appreciation. At the same time it's totally noncompetitive, which is perfect for him. He's not interested in team sports. This is more like dance and choreography. If it works out for him, he may move on to more dedicated and involved dance.

Later this month he and I are going to see Romeo and Juliet. Like jazz concerts, hockey, cheerleading and art, there's no way to know if they'll like it until we try it. He wants to try Shakespeare and I'm right behind him.

Three cheers!