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Homecoming Bonfire

Ah, homecoming. An American fall tradition. Every year all the football heroes of yore and yet to come gather to celebrate the glory of the game. And, man, do they. This is one footballin', bonfirin', homecomin' queen of a town. We got down to the high school tonight just in time for the lighting of the bon and even though it was raining the whole time there were over a thousand people there all bopping and dancing and laughing and having some fun. It was mostly for the kids but plenty of parents were there, too.

Firemen watch the bonfire blaze
I took Kit down to run around but, alas, Tio was grounded. He's having serious trouble settling down at school and got detention 3 times this week. I had to take bonfire night away so he'd understand how serious this is. He also missed a sleepover with his football team. He's seriously bummed. Bummed enough to do something about it? Time will tell.

Fortunately, there are lots of other events all weekend including the parade where he'll be marching with his football team. Kit gets to march with the cheerleaders and Doc rides the float with NOST - our afterschool program.

Long live Homecoming.