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Temper, Temper

I think Tio's frustration and quick temper are going to seriously get in his way. Being so competitive makes it worse. A couple of days ago he started to throw a fit when I rearranged a doctor appointment. He thought it would interfere with football even though I told him was an hour earlier than he thought. He still got flustered and seriously bent out of shape because he simply didn't like to be wrong. Same thing happened tonight over homework. He didn't understand the math problem and rather than let it go to ask the teacher tomorrow, he got angry to the point of shaking.

These are two samples of what is becoming common. He does not like to be wrong and he doesn't like to appear like he doesn't know something. Unfortunately, every human being is afflicted with being wrong and ignorance. The only way to overcome them both is to learn and have patience - another trait his has in short measure.

This is a bit concerning because it interferes with his ability to study. He walks away from the table, slams his books and otherwise demonstrates frustration and outrage that sidetracks the job at hand. He says he can't help it and I believe him. We need to find a better outlet or he may become uncooperative, a poor sport, and a disdainful student.

In short - he's turning into a teenager.