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Time for the cold to start creeping in

Besides the inevitable fact that this is the fall equinox, other signs of autumn are appearing. First off, I'm back to wearing shoes. Yup, the summer joy of striding around town barefoot has come to an end (much to the relief of my library director who chastized me constanty for coming into the library sans seule). Second sign, apart from some leaves starting to fall, is putting the hardtop back on the Jeep today. No more open air jalopy, no more hanging the feet out the side, no more open skies and dodging rainstorms.

But most of all, we have to do a fall cleaning in this animal cage we call our house. Before we seal the windows for another 6 months and live in close and cozy quarters, this dump really needs a makeover. I'm not much of a home decorator and even worse at doing general maintenence but there are things even I have to cringe at putting off way too long. So, after complaining about needing a new fridge a couple of weeks ago, I went down to the flute shop and dug deep, deep, deep into the corners, forgotten drawers, and parts I never use anymore and swept up enough gold and silver scrap to buy a new refrigerator. Thank you gold and silver hoarders for pushing the price so high. We'll put up some wall shelving, fix the broken floor tiles and reabilitate an old butcher block table for extra counter space. With that done there will room for boots and coats, bins for homework and junk, more space for dishes and tinned/pantry food, and a smidgen of more room to cook with.

Then we'll be ready to hibernate like all proper Moomins should.