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The best laid plans of mice and men...

I took the weekend off. The kids went away for the long weekend to visit their other grands and we had the place to ourselves. Buddy's employer, a good friend of mine, even offered to find ways to keep him at work if we really wanted the place vacated. I visited a friend in Boston, spent lots of time hanging out with Tish, avoided writing the blog, and hammered and painted the kitchen in preparation for the new appliances.

It was a good break because it appears that we are about to do yet another triple toe loop and we have no idea if it we will nail the landing or fall on our cold tuchises. Before Tish even got a chance to tell her employer about possible semi-retirement, her boss offered her a full time job doing what she loves to do and giving her full healthcare benefits. Needless to say, it isn't an offer we can easily refuse plus, it's an opportunity that she would love to have.

That puts me smack back into the role of primary caregiver to the boys. While for the most part I don't mind, I was looking forward to the added help that Tish was offering. Then again, if she's working full time, I don't have to spend time in the flute shop doing work I'd rather not and can concentrate on my art. All very tempting, and inevitable in that quite often when change comes you either take it or fight with it but you can't turn your back on it.

So here I am late on Sunday night looking at what I've done with my kitchen to make it easier and more enjoyable to work in. Buddy got a nice bonus at work that he donated to the kitchen and with Tish's prospects improving we decided to get a stove and a (gulp) dishwasher along with the new fridge. I'll have more counter and storage space, easier access to tools and feel much more like getting my hands dirty up to the elbows with flour and sugar and spaghetti sauce. I'm pumped about it right now. We'll have to see how it all settles down and the cold weather creeps in.

The winds of change blow often and fast around these parts.