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Our young dog handler

Kit & Maddie work on the A frame
Kit is having great time working with Grammy at the animal shelter. They go in on Sunday's when it's quiet and do temperment testing on adoptable dogs to find out if they'll get along with kids. Now before anyone thinks 'Are you using a 10 year old as a guinea pig with dangerous dogs?', the answer is no. The dogs have already been tested as reliable and they only need to be introduced to kids to see if they'll shy away as a final test.

Kit loves it. He calls them to him, pets them, gives them treats and walks with them. He's good with dogs and likes our 3 very much. His other grandparents have a golden retriever that he misses a lot, too. The older he gets the better his concentration has gotten and Grammo has got lots of equipment and dogs for him to work with.

Sounds like their Sunday's are all set for the winter.