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Back to work

A quiet Saturday with kids still away. What did I do? Painted bunkbeds, sorted laundry and picked up. Tomorrow I'll reassemble the beds when the paint is dry. Now I'm eyeing my office which as been the recepticle of all the 'I don't know where to put this' clutter. It might take me 2 days to sort that out. Once I get that done I'll be free to put time into actual cooking and baking and tending without having to constantly backtrack. I want to try new recipes and bake bread. Tish wants to do some baking, too. It'll be nice to get out of the supper rut I've been in cooking the same basic stuff that is boring even the taste buds of the boys.

They'll be home tomorrow and, while it's been a nice break, I'm looking forward to them coming back. I do hope they've had a great time.