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"Freedom's just another word for nothin left to lose..." - from Me and Bobbie Mcgee by Kris Kristofferson

I think Tio is starting to get the hang of earning rewards. We finally have a reward he wants: freedom to choose. He wants to go to the skate park, hang out with his friends, have a facebook, and control a bit more of his destiny. Last month I mentioned that I arranged a point system for him to get graded on his behavior with each teacher. He's doing fairly well with it but what is new is that I can say "I want to see nothing below a 4 tomorrow or you don't get to ..." whatever he's looking for. So he comes home with 5s and 4s, coupled with high performance on his school grades, ands gets the earned freedoms. When he wants to- he succeeds.

This puts him squarely in the 'I can manage this' column instead of the 'I'm screwing it up so why bother' section and he knows the difference. That means the issues are finally coming under his own control. And so is is his free time.

Everybody wins.