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The Dryad's Kiss

I have sculpted this story right into the silver of my latest flute.
Let me tell you the sad tale of the "Dryad's Kiss"

The story begins one morning when the nymphs are coming out of their
homes and
 hiding in the trees, trying to decide if they should show their faces. They know the danger of being seen by the dryad.
But Perse has no fear.
She comes out into the light to enjoy the
dewey morning sunshine.

Through the trees, across the fields and into the oldest
part of the forest... 

...lives the dryad!
The forest is his because he is the forest. 
He has eyes and ears in every tree. 
He senses that Perse has shown herself 
and he begins to take human form.

When he reaches out for Perse to seduce her.
She doesn't know who 
he is and succumbs to his advances.
Once she is his, she realizes her mistake but cannot escape.
Her metamorphosis begins as she starts to become part of his forest.

In the end, all that is left of Perse is the blossoms
and twisted branches of the Dryad Forest.

As her transformation becomes complete, her personality and self fade more
and more into the trees that she used to dance and live among.

Her legacy, along with all the other sad nymphs of the Dryad Forest,
 is the music that is made from the wind in through her leaves,
and the gentle shade that is cast by her ancient and venerable hardwood roots.