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First Prize- biggest bully in the world

Last weekend we pulled into the mall parking lot. We were a bit close to the next car over and when Doc opened his door to get out it knocked the car slightly. The driver and his wife jumped out and shouted at a six year old for marking his SUV. I said we were sorry but he didn't let up. "The boy has to learn sometime to take responsibility. He should know better..." All this aimed directly at Doc. The woman pointed out the alleged damage while the man kept on berating. We walked away. Doc was totally confused, like he could possibly have played any role in this, while the other boys shook their heads wondering what just happened.

Me, too. How can a middle aged man come down so hard on a 6 year old for something that wasn't his fault. I apologized but refused to make a worse scene. These people were out of control and I did not want to incite the man to violence. Was it the joy of the busy holiday season that had them in such a good mood? Were they just idiots who have no concept of proportion? Or has the world come to a place where small children take the blame for a man's bad mood.

I guess I live a sheltered life.