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So long, 2011

This is the last post of 2011. The ball just dropped on Times Square, the kids counted down and we all said happy new year. I don’t have any New Years resolutions. I think more along the lines of a bucket list or long term goals. Besides the things I’m already doing here’s a short list of a couple of things I wouldn’t mind achieving - even if the bar is high.
- get all three boys through college. (I’d like them to do better than their parents, better than we did and move up the ladder to a fulfilling life)
- understand subatomic particle physics and high energy mass well enough that I can converse directly with the formulas and not just in layman’s terminology.
- reach a 50th anniversary with Tish. (We hit 25 in 4 months)
- Visit Mars or Jupiter (a long shot, I’ll admit, but always been one of my dreams)

I asked the boys what they might think of as resolutions or goals for the future. Here they are, all good and worthy aims, from the oldest to youngest.
Tio said:
- land a flat ground tail whip every time (that’s a scooter/skateboard accomplishment)
- raise a family (he’ll be a good dad someday)
- throw more parties (we haven’t had any - I’d like Buddy to take charge of that)
- write a rap CD (probably a longshot for him, but who knows)

Kit’s turn:
- go to Lady Gaga concert (money and time are the only obstacles there)
- live with mom again (he has missed Debbie the most and is torn about it)
- have my own dog (he’s becoming quite the handler - more on that later)
- not be bullied (that’s a biggie that we’re working hard on)
- have a real birthday party (I sense a pattern developing)

Doc rounded it off:
- play with my Nabi all day long (his new tablet computer that has daily time limits)
- watch TV all day (another daily restriction)
- go see Justin Beiber concert (he is a big fan)
- an electric scooter (he got a push scooter for Christmas and has dreams of power)
- sleepovers with boys at home (that’s three for three on that one)

I hope you and yours have a bright look towards the coming year and have set some high goals to reach for. Because, after all, it’s the reaching that makes it all worthwhile.
Tio. One cool dude.