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'Tis the Season - again

I'm not feeling one way or another about Christmas this year yet. I made another advent calendar for the boys to open every day to find surprise ideas like special suppers, extended bedtimes, shopping trips and other goodies. Last year it was a santa, and this year's is a snow covered house with 24 windows. It has them all in a flutter about who's turn comes next. Today's window was a trip anywhere they wanted to go.

Tio decided he'd rather spend the day with Marcia and Liz instead of going with us. I took the younger boys on our first Christmas shopping spree. The stores weren't too busy, many still hadn't reopened since Hurricane Irene had flooded them out of business. In the end we ran into Tio and his mom doing the same thing we were.

We'll trim the tree in another week and we'll deck the halls and inject some Christianity into the noise and bustle all at the same time. Years end also marks the beginning of our third year together as a family of 6 and that's certainly worth celebrating. We've come a long way and we have a long road ahead. It's important to mark the occasion for our family, the year's end, and the birth of Christ.

So let's all have a figgy pudding.