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Well...that happened

I hope you've all had a good Christmas. The boys have all gone to stay with their mom and other grandfather down on Cape Cod for the week. Tish has the week off. My drippy nose turned into a full fledged head cold yesterday and so I'm wrapped in sweat, filled with drugs and drowsy as a puppy after a long yap. I may end up spending this entire week dragging myself around. I hope not.

On Christmas Eve, I asked the boys to find an appropriate Christian quote to read before supper. Kit had scribbled something about following the star in beth el ham so you will find chris. I asked him what it meant and he didn't know. He told me Tio dictated it to him. As I asked about the reason for Christmas, he either didn't remember or didn't know. He seemed to think it might have something to do with Jesus's death. I had him google the meaning of Christmas but time was a bit short so we didn't get too far.

I may not be a practicing Christian but even I find it appalling that Christmas can be so separated from Christ. To reach the age of ten, spend the whole year looking forward to Christmas and not have a clue what it's all about speaks volumes about where the broader so called Christian social and moral compass has pointed. I know that's the point of The Charlie Brown Christmas and The Grinch and a host of other stories that have been rolled over us for generations, but for many it has been lost in a month of blaring carols and shopping. None of these children have a clue what Christ himself had to say or why he is revered so highly around the world.

I best haul out my own bible and start reading the gospels with the boys.