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Do bad things come in threes?

I spent the last couple of days in a daze. It appears I got in a serious knife fight with a surgeon and he won. He hired an anesthesiologist to sap me before I saw it coming. One thing for sure, next time I'll bring my own pharmacologist and they can duke it out without me.

Something biggish happened while I was out. On Friday, Marcia (Tio's mom) and Dave and Liz all headed back to Arizona. She'd come here a year ago to look after her parents and be closer to Tio. A reasonable enough proposition. However, none of them expected the kind of troubles they all ran into. First off, Marcia was no match for her parents. She'd had a bad childhood with them and somehow thought things would be better now. Big mistake - huge. Second, it wasn't so easy finding jobs and they'd both left good ones in Phoenix. So expenses got out of hand and, third, Liz went from the security of friends and a city school she knew to suddenly being thrust midyear into a rural, and rough, school district. Add in all the other details about making a huge move and it's emotional trauma and I'm surprised they made it a year. They came to the realization that their roots are really in the southwest and they need to return there to get back on their feet.

So where does that leave Tio? His natural mom returns after many years away saying she won't leave him again and a year later she's gone. That's one way to look at it. The other way is that they reconnected and will stay that way, regardless of where they each live. I think he understands why she had to go back and that it has nothing to do with him. They have made a positive reconnection and it is up to them both to build a working relationship from it.

Tio hasn't spoken about how this feels to him. He's not all that good sharing plus a lot of not so great stuff has gone on of late. He lost a beloved grandmother, I got seriously sick, and now his mother has moved away, all leaving him wondering what's next.

I guess that's life. We're all wondering what's next.